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Tribal DancerI once started this site because I had a cattery, but I have to say this is no longer the case... Nowadays I stick most of my time in my maxi horses (Rhea and her daughter Sunny) and mini horses  (AMH's Tut, Fifi and Excalibur), although I still have 2 Devon Rex girls (Elske and Blondie). On my site you will find a lot of stuff about the horses (big and small), the TV series Bewitched and Australia (my favourite country). As you will see I am proud of the awards that I have earned with this site and also you don't have to leave empty handed... Next to all hopefully useful information there is a lot of fun stuff to 'take away' (download), like for example the one and only Bewitched font. Have fun !!!

The site is designed in the style of the TV-series Bewitched. The start of this '60 show was always a cartoon and the graphics of this site are based on that cartoon (if you want to see the cartoon, surf to the Bewitched 'pictures etc.' page). 

The navigation is easy: a main menu (see below) and each part of the site has its own text menu (under the main menu). And... below the menu there is almost always looooooooooots more to see and read.

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