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webmaster HannahHello, so nice that you want to know more about the webmaster !!! My name is Hannah and every year on the 9th of November I celebrate my birthday. What I like the most about my birthday is the cake... My mum bakes it and it is so jummie!!! I always try to save something... Usually I enjoy a bit more cake the day after (big smile).

I am not afraid of questions, so if you want to know more about me then what I do with websites (see below), email me.

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I started with web building in 2002, when a friend asked me to update his company's site. Because I never did anything like this and I didn't understand anything about Java scripts (there were a lot on his site !!!). I built a site myself and a bit later I built a site for the company of his fiance and of course my own site. I still maintain these sites, next to a couple of other sites.

Because I wanted to prove that my site was a good one I started applying for awards and after meeting Sandy I started my own award program. I didn't get a rating the first time I applied at Award Sites!, but with a lot of help from people of the awards community I got my first rating at Award Sites! and later with UWSAG, WebsAwards and other rating services. As an evaluator I have 'work experience' other then with my own program: I was an evaluator for the BV Lindenheuvel Award Program (till May 2007, now closed), the Valkyrie Award Program (now closed), the Big Oscar Award Program (now closed) and WebsAwards (now closed). I am certified as an evaluator by Treasures of the Web and IWARA (now closed).

My awardprogram was closed in 2010, due to lack of time.

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